Help us continue our work of documenting George W. Maher’s designs and sharing his legacy, while promoting yourself, your business, or organization.

Funds raised through sponsorships directly support our mission of preserving and promoting the legacy of George W. Maher by:

  • Continuing to bolster this website with more designs, research, and information
  • Documenting his extant designs through photography and videography
  • Uncovering and confirming his undocumented designs
  • Promoting Maher’s legacy by sharing our findings and documentation on our social media channels, and in the press
  • Hosting educational events and lectures
  • Acting as a voice for the preservation of Maher’s designs
  • And much, much more!


Sponsorship Plans, Pricing, and Perks

Funds contributed to The George W. Maher Society are tax deductible through Pleasant Home Foundation – a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization – and are earmarked for the development of The George W. Maher Society. Sponsorship packages can be customized upon request – contact [email protected].

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