Maher Family Photos

These photos are part of an estate from the Maher/Brooks family, and come to us from a follower of the Maher Society. They show George and his family’s Douglas, Michigan summer retreats, including George and Bess’s bungalow, “Hilaire.” There are notes written on the back of each piece – here they are in the order of the photo gallery below:

  • Photo #1: Philip, Bess, & George Maher
  • Photo #2: Bess, Philip, & George Maher
  • Photo #3: George Maher & son Philip. His first car – ordered at the Paris Exhibition (1890s?)
  • Photo #4: George Maher’s bungalow “Hilaire”
  • Photo #5: George Maher’s bungalow “Hilaire”
  • Photo #6: Landis Lodge 1910? Margaret?
  • Photo #7: Landis Lodge – 1920s? Apple trees now growing